casa del presidente
A place full of history

As the place where former president Belisario Betancur spent his last years, Casa del Presidente is considered an icon of Barichara. Known for his love of culture, he turned the villa into a bastion of the beautiful arts and crafts of Barichara, a legacy that continues today.

This house  welcomed a president who led the country through turbulent times marked by terrorist attacks and natural disasters, and yet managed to stand out for his commitment to peace and culture, as well as being a prolific writer, poet, journalist and intellectual.

Running from 1982 to 1986, his administration aimed for the pacification of Colombia, and was noted for his attempts to initiate peace talks with Colombian armed groups. Belisario Betancur was then the first president in the history of the country to establish negotiations to end the conflict.

After his presidency he retired from politics and dedicated his life to academy. His numerous publications and books on pedagogy, sociology and economics served as advances in these fields for the country and resulted in international awards for his work and commitment to the development of Colombia.

The most beautiful town in Colombia

Casa del Presidente is located in Barichara, a town characterised by its picturesque cobbled streets, white façades with wooden finishes, clay walls, and exquisite and contrasting vegetation. The hotel looks to honour the history, tradition and beauty of this town, declared a national monument thanks to its architecture preserved since the 18th century.