Giving Back

With your stay, you can be a part of the change in Barichara

Casa del presidente is committed to generate a positive impact in the community. That’s why its profits are destined to finance social, educational and cultural projects, including those that help preserve traditional crafts over time and improve the quality of the lives involved in them.

We are proud of the cultural value of the crafts of the Patiamarillos –natives of Barichara- and the contributions they have made to the country. 

Proyecto Picapiedras

Born as a result of the village’s geographic location, stone carving is one of the most ancient art forms in Barichara, and it’s been transmitted from generation to generation allowing it to become a form of social expression. This art, as well as the undeniable talent of the Patiamarillos is beautifully represented in the town’s churches, roads, façades and monuments.

Stone Carver in Barichara, Colombia

With the modernisation of this craft, and the subsequent introduction of electric tools, the artisans of Barichara have become more exposed to dust in the recent years. This has led to the increase of cases of silicosis, a respiratory disease caused by the inhalation of silica crystals found in the dust that comes from the stone carving. This condition deteriorates the lungs, eventually incapacitating the artisan and leading to death.

"Die for the art,
or let the art die"

Casa del Presidente, alongside the fire department of Barichara, has sponsored a series of quarterly workshops to promote safety in the workplace dedicated the stone carvers of the region. Clinical advice, as well as training on the use of respirators were offered to artisans in order to help prevent the disease and promote safety. In these workshops, a specialist was brought in to do medical assessments and provide ongoing monitoring for the artisans, including x-rays. Additionally, 53 respirator kits and 6 months worth of filter replacements were donated to the community, thanks to the combined work of Casa del Presidente and its guests.

Christmas in Barichara

Along with the archdiocese of Bucaramanga, Casa del Presidente brought a smile to underprivileged children from the Santander department, by donating over 10,000 Christmas presents. This annual event is a way for us to give back to the community of Barichara and all Santander, and spread joy during the holidays. 

Christmas Donations in Barichara, Colombia