Barichara is a town that remains frozen in time. Its remoteness has helped preserve the colonial architecture, quiet local life, and its rich culture that makes it such a unique destination. Discovering it is like entering a timeless world. The worries of modern life disappear amongst the calm of its cobblestone streets and white façades that contrast with colourful bougainvilleas. 

The spell of this magical place only grows bigger as you learn about its history and ancient traditions, and as you get to experience the warmness of the locals. Moreover, Barichara treasures old arts like stone carving and natural fibre weaving, but at the same time is a magnet for contemporary artists that seek to make this beautiful town their haven.

Barichara’s peaceful streets and slow way of life make it easy to understand why the village has become the region’s epicentre for wellness. It’s no wonder that its name means “A place of rest” in the local Guane dialect.

Located seven hours away from Bogota or three hours from Bucaramanga, Barichara has an enviable location. It’s only at a short distance from natural wonders like the Chicamocha canyon, breathtaking waterfalls, pristine rivers and ancient indigenous trails. This also makes Barichara an ideal destination for adventurous travellers. Here they can spend their days white-water rafting, paragliding, zip lining, and rappelling.

This is a place where traditions remain alive. A town where every detail reveals knowledge and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. From stone carvers paving the streets and artisans erecting clay houses, to the rustic ovens where the distinctive roof tiles that embellish the magnificent views of the town are made –all the beauty in this place exists thanks to the artists and their crafts.

Casa del Presidente supports this legacy of traditions, history and art. During your stay we’ll prepare creative experiences and visits to local experts according to your preferences. This will guarantee an exceptional journey through Barichara and Colombia.

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